Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, am trying to get this blog so others can view, but for some reason am having a little trouble, but will go on writing anyway.
Have been crocheting and finished an afghan for a friend. and this one adds on as you go, in the final round, which i really like, as I like doing the squares or whatever, but fairly can't stand to sew them all together, takes a long time to show any results and seems as if mine sort of look all cobbled together, much better like this way and this one turned out so colorful, it is something to last forever!! Hopefully

And for my friend Carol H, no, i have not yet gotten to the 'craft' table or room. This is the bane of my existence and something that i always say i am going to DO this today, always, and then something comes up, or i don't 'feel' like it, but will use ANY excuse to NOT go in there and 'clean' and it most of the time looks like this, and sometimes worse after i have cleaned, then started on a project, does anyone else have this problem? probably not, everyone else in the world is more than likely neat and clean and organized :) lol......... which is something that you cannot for sure say about me. BUT in other aspects of my life i am, so this is where the worst comes out, my little corner of the dissorgainized world.
Take Care & God Bless

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  1. Well Loree - it doesn't look bad....and I know your 'stuff' comforts you : )