Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day in Nauvoo

Carol & i took today and drove the long way thru Illinois to Nauvoo, no i am NOT Morman, BUT i am reading 'the 19th wife' and since i was here i wanted to see the area where the book started and the temple that was rebuilt in 2004. Nauvoo was where they started on their treks to SLC and where many of them were massacred, Joseph Smith was assasinated in Carthage, which is not far from Nauvoo. And this was all b4 the civil war! it was a long way, we drove down the Illinois side and then back up the Iowa side of the Mississippi, we saw alot of corn, it is a part of the Great River Drive roadway or some such thing, BUT you can't really see alot of the river!!! so it was a little dissapointing, but we saw lots of corn and soy beans and old barns and houses, which i always think are really cool!!! it rained starting out, after a night of huge thunder and lightning storms, AGAIN, but ended up a nice day further south we went, humid, of course. and then rain again when we returned to "Davenport' wouldn't you know. but a good day was had by both of us - this is the temple in Nauvoo and me with 'Mr. Adams' HA!
have a good day!!!!

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