Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carol's Daily Pcks!

This was in Salem, Mo. What? those little tiny, cute birds? and how many do you have to kill, to eat all you can eat? Geez!!!!
Then there is a little ghost-like town called Slingo, about a mile off the road, but the church looked big and used regularly, grass mowed and what-all, and the Methodist church sign was on the gravel road pointing to the church, and when you go to church you end up in the furnance (of hell?) or you end up there if you don't go???
AND then 4 miles west of Cuba, Mo which was a big stop on route 66 and there were all kinds of murals in the town on the buildings, there was a little outpost and the largest rocking chair in the world, the girl at the counter in the store said that her uncle woke up one morning and said he had a dream and that he needed to have something outside the store to draw people to the store and decided that he was making a rocking chair, the wife was not too thrilled, but he and a friend made it out of steel and here it stands . it was pretty cool. there was a guy from Indiana and his wife and he was laying on the ground taking a pic so his wife looked bigger than the chair (as you can see it is really, really big, you can't get into it and carol looks really small) so anyway, carol had him take one of me too!!! so he kept laying there, in the gravel, while we showed him how to work my camera too! the pic turned out ok.. :)... Hope you are all well!

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  1. Does photo mean you are "off your rocker"? Just kiddin'!

    Love your blog!