Monday, September 7, 2009

A New House

Carol found a house!!!! It is a cool one, a carriage house on the back property of a huge mansion on River Drive, right by the Mississippi!!!! It is soooo cool, high on a hill tho, so would not get flooded. I think of things like that but people out here don't seem to. It had jack and jill bathroom to the two bedrooms, nice kitchen, long living room with huge window all along one portion of the wall and a deck out back with large trees all along it, hill for sledding, and the neighbors have a really big play structure that Guthrie can use!!!! washer and dryer outside in the basement, no access from the house, have to go out and around, which was a little concern, BUT the neatness of the whole place won over her. It is right near a bench that we used to go sit on last year and look at the river and watch sailboats and dream of the future and things we might do. So that was a happy coincidence. we were driving by checking out our bench and there was the 'for rent' sign, almost serendipity!!!!!
will send a picture when i can get one. now i don't have to worry about her anymore, or feel guilty about this whole thing.... :)

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