Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am back

Hi All! yes, i am back home as of 7:30pm tonight. what a trip. I am driving the RV, it is not an easy task. Stayed last nite at Happy Times RV near Dunnigan, CA, north of Sacramento. It was a nice little place, got everything hooked up and the TV and air conditioner would not work, so had to call patient Dave. Who knew when you plugged in the voltage, that you had to flip the switch too!!!! Yes, apparently i AM that stupid. Here's your sign....... This morning i even dumped the black water, ick... and the grey, i know i am going to get a dread disease, BUT did not get anything on me!!! and have to REALLY pay attention to the swing of the ass end of the coach, it does not end behind my seat!!!! and gas- that is another story in itself... but i am not having to pay for motel's and i have all of my things with me, the bed is VERY comfortable :)
Hope you have all had an uneventful week and are well.
The trees changing color were wonderful in Weed, Ca in the Siskyou's. Weed has t-shirts that say i (heart) weed, ha-ha-ha

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  1. so a guy i went to school with had that shirt because his great-grandpa founded weed. family story says that it's name was because, 'well, all there were was weeds there. what else was i gonna call it?'

    and i'm really sorry your ass has not been following you as it should. that must be really disheartening.