Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Visit

Wanted to share a lovely picture of the Ponderosa pines west of Sisters, i love this part of the drive and they were really pretty in the snow

Yesterday went to see Nora, and her husband Ben, who lives in Portland, sort of near the zoo. She is my mom's best friend and i grew up with her family. And i love to visit with her. She is my crocheting mentor, she does all of those things that our mother's/grandmothers did and wish we knew how to do: knit, sew, crochet, can, garden, she has the most beautiful house plants, embroidery like a champ, i have a whole set of tea towels that i don't use as i don't want to ruin them, which she would not like, you use the things you have. She passed all of this down to her daughter, Carol, who does beautiful work too, and they are both wonderful home keepers, you could eat off the floor! unlike my place HA!!!
But visiting her is sort of like visiting my mom and i try to get by to see her everytime i am in the area, sometimes it is spur of the moment and she is always available for me. Isn't that nice to know someone like that. She also worked in a health food store in Clackamas Town Center and knows all about herbs and supplements and is a great source of information...
Our most favorite thing to do is to beachcombing, she has found some wonderful agates and shells along the Cape Meare spit and Rockaway. they have a house in Garabaldi, which is where we first knew the family, my parents and her and husband, Bill, lived in defense housing in the early 50's and became acquainted, forming a lifelong friendship. Many, many trips to the beach to see them and to stay, afterwards, she even gave me a key to the Garabaldi beach house to use whenever i wanted, isn't that the kindest thing ever? My friends and i have had great times there.
I love her dearly and we had a good visit.
Hope you all have such long term, wonderful friends to care for and be cared by......

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