Thursday, January 14, 2010


It is not raining, in fact we are having a windy, sunny day, BUT i liked this picture. It was in McMinnville, of course. Don't think i ever saw so much rain. It has been a couple days since i had anything on the site and thought i should say something, but there is nothing happening. Just the normal, day to day things, which are not really that interesting. Maybe that is what this whole blog is about anyway. Oh, well.
We have a couple days of dog sitting for DeeDee's mother and aunt. Two dogs, Fergie and Libby. They are doing some heavy duty pouting about being left behind and our dogs are pouting as they have to share their house. Ours are in the window seat in the craft room, here with me. The other two are out in the living room. Like, Oh, I might as well stay out here all by myself as no one loves me. Geez...
So have some errands to run and lunch with a couple friends, then back here to work on cleaning this craft room some more. I KNOW, you would think that i could get it done! I will thing of ANYTHING to NOT do it and procrastinate....:) such a funny word.

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