Sunday, January 24, 2010


I had NO TV for about 4 hours today, after getting back from my sliding trip to Bend. Fortunately the gentleman i am house sitting for called to see how i was, as they have reports of snow in Central Oregon even in Arizona. i told him, (while trying not to sob hysterically) about my circumstances. He laughed and said since it was snowing so hard that there was probably 'snow on the dish' and i had to go out and knock it off!!!! Who would know that???? So i looked up the loooonnnng stick that he uses, tromped out to the corner of the garage in blinding snow, and reached REALLY high to get that damn snow off!!! Came back in turned off TV and restarted and lo....sound and action, noise, the world is back, all is OK, i am restored, life goes on :)

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