Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Aloha!!!! One and all..
We are here in this beautiful place on the big island of Hawaii south of Hilo!!!!! Had a little bit of rain this morning, but the sun is now coming out. there is no air conditioning in this place!!!! Oh!! NO!!!!! Have to open windows and use overhead fans.. and after awhile things got MUCH better. It was a LONG ride on 3 different planes to get to where we were going, but interesting seeing all the different people and accents. I have a little casita all by myself so it is very nice, BUT can't figure out the TV, so have to get on that today or else i will be bereft (thing that is the correct spelling, oops, it wasn't and spell check fixed it for me!) swam in the pool right off, Twice!!!! it was so nice to relax and get unwound from the stiffness of the trip.
I DO feel a little bad about telling you all about this wonderful place while you all are sitting there in awful, cold weather, BUT that is what the blog is all about, my travels about the country and this is a part of it :)
Hope you are all well, take Care and God Bless (from hula land!)

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