Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Card Party

Last night went to a card party, "Close To My Heart" is the company, went with friend Carol G, It was at Izzy's Pizza Parlour. We had a good time and for $5 got to make 3 cards and a little candy card (upper left)
Ate there too and it was just ok... not like i remember when it 1st opened, years and years ago, of course they more than likely have a different cook, and it was hot in there,
BUT it was fun to socialize with the ladies and to make something creative too!
I tend to shy away from social things, don't know why, just easier to do my thing i guess and not worry about trying to meet up with someone or be ready at a certain time, guess it is just the retiree thing, been working for so many years, getting there on time, staying for so long, meeting deadlines, now i don't have too, and i resist doing so whenever....
BUT i had a really good time!!!! and the cards are COOL!!!!!

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