Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Green

Happy St Pat's day!!!!!
Yesterday did the Madras trip. Auntie Thelma the same, but the facility is in their new digs and everyone seems happy
Spent time on the RV, put the carpet on the entry steps, took out all the icky plastic that an RV comes with over the carpet and mine was never taken off, lo all these years ago, and it was just not 'my style' more or less, maybe it protected the carpet, but did not feel homey and hope that with me and Luci, we will be able to care for it properly, she gets up and down the steps much better now that they are NOT slippery!!! Everytime i tried to get her down, she would look at me like what the heck???? i am so NOT going down those!!!! Opened ALL the cupboards and tried to organize things to where they would be convenient, rather than just shoving things in there to get them out of sight for right now, as later has come and i need to find things and know what i still need to get to the RV. Got the pots and pans under the dinette seat drawer and they seem happy there. re-arrranged drawers, took packaging off things so there was more room, got things from people for xmas and did not take them out of packaging, and now they are out and have a home. It was rather easier having the cupboards open to see how things might fit. Got more bedding in under the bed, in case i need more blankets or have a guest or two. Took down the front curtains and took to the dry cleaners, pick then up on Friday, then need to put them back in, that will be a tedious chore, the runner is fairly hidden and had to get into contortions to get them out and the little clippy things are small and the hooks to put in the curtain are SHARP!!! (they are in each and every pleat) am sure i will be cursing before that chore is done, but am sure it will be worth it as they were very dirty and smelly. AND this whole time i had the door open airing the space out and curtains open, it was cheery in there, just thought of all the places that i would be going and things would be seeing, it was a fun afternoon, all in all. The weather was beautiful!!!
Hope you all had a good day and have something to look forward too!!!
Take Care and God Bless
It was a good drive home too, which was not until about 5:30pm and with daylight savings time it was still daylight!!! and the mountains were very beautiful.

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