Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Top picture is 3 Sisters, then Mt Washington, finally the Santiam River
Got back home fine b4 2pm, then to bank and then to insurance company. a full day. Tomorrow my friend Carol G and i will return to McMinnville to get the pick up and drive back to Bend, all over again. But it is a wonderful drive, even if the road construction people are out in full force and there are lots of rv's and trailers on the road. there were thunderstorms brewing over the mountains and we had some thunder and lightning here about 3pm Two house caught on fire as they were hit by the lightning, that would be so scary. all the traffic lights were out on the parkway and it was gridlocked, thankfully we were at home already :)
Next week i need to work on getting everything all hooked up again....
Take Care

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