Monday, July 12, 2010

Told You

Now the sun is out and it is quite nice out, went for walk on the beach in shirt sleeves. No rain.
Have the car all hooked up!!!! Yeah, me! and emptied out the black & grey water, so i am all ready to go except for the checks just b4 and removing the jacks and wood blocks. Then i can be on my way in the morning. Think i am going the Santiam and leave the truck in Bend, as we have things to move with it. Take RV on to Madras, then back with the Element. Also will then have the truck in Bend with the Element to leave garaged, and then have truck ready to go get RV for trip to Iowa! :) Can't wait to start and see where i will decide to stay each night. How far will i get in one day? 200 miles???? that would only be to Burns and that is not very far. so hope i can get much further than that. Will just have to see without pushing self to exhaustion. Have most everything ready, just the nuts and bolts left. the deciding has basically been done, everything gathered together.
The anticipation and final details are all in the planning.

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