Sunday, August 22, 2010

last nite

i stayed in Gothenberg, NE and let me tell you it was memorable, no tv, no internet and 96 degrees with NO breathe of air!! AND the electricity in the rv went off and i could not get hold of anyone and could not figure it out myself....sob....sob so Luci panted and i sweated, horribly. passed out on the bed, woke at the crack of down and drove for about 3 hours until it was a decent hour, air conditioner in rv worked with motor running. not the BIG one on top tho.. then i finally got hold of friend Dave, who was on vacation and answered my ??? and solved the problem!!!!!! but had to wait until i stopped and was plugged in to see if it really worked!!!
I DID get to Davenport, got the car unhooked, backed up the rv, as the guy who helped said i had to learn this :) AND the air did NOT work, called friend Dave, who is still on vacation, is he not patient tho...sort of like Job. I once AGAIN forgot to flip the switch on the electric pole, if you remember i did this also on my 1st outing when bringing the rv to Central Oregon, ran back into the rv and i have AIR, also asked about the not functioning frig, the sewer problem and the oil gage, and got all of those things solved.. see, i told you he was a saint!!!!
i'm happy, clean and COOL (it is HOT here, muggy)
(ROADKILL REPORT; this is sunday, saw two coyotes near Iowa City no less and a couple racoons. saturday: a sage hen, could tell by the splay of feathers, and an, Friday: rabbits were not faring too well at all, lots of them and two deer right near one another, probably the same car, and an odd assortment of skunks, weird. and i apologize for being behind in this important and vital report, but now we are all up to date !!! :)
I am all tucked in Luci is asleep, my friend i came to see is working until 7 or 8am and then she will stop by.
I hope all is well with your world, Take Care and God Bless


  1. welcome to iowa!! we can't wait to see you!

  2. Man, sounds like you are having fun, LOL! Thank God for Dave!