Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today i drove to Redmond, parked at Albertson's, met my Good friend Tanya (at right) and went to see the movable Vietnam Wall Memorial closing ceremonies, it was very moving. Hotter than blazes, but moving ceremony. Had bagpipes and retired the Colors. Luci survived in the RV while we were gone. BUT some a**** parked right in front of me!!! so i had her watch the hitch while i slowly backed up to get space to get around and out. Which i successfully did. NOW just have to get everything ready. I bought an American and U.S. Navy flag and i am going to get a flagpole that i saw advertised that hooks right on the ladder to the roof! That will be cool, when i am parked, may elicit some conversations with rv'ers.

Everyone Take Care & God Bless, think of our soldiers out tonight and all fallen ones

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  1. Hey, not a bad picture, if I do say so myself! So glad we went to The Wall together! Safe travels dear friend and sister!