Monday, August 16, 2010

Wheat Look's Ready!

It was a nice drive to Madras today, the wheat looks ready to me, but what do i know?
Mountain on bottom is Mt Jefferson, on top 3 Sisters in the hazy background
Another day of getting ready to go, i won't be ready a day early and it is scorchingly HOT!!! with hardly a breeze, the RV is just sitting out in the sun and is just hotter than you know what to work in. but have frig on and it is loaded with a couple days of provisions and i keep running back and forth putting 'stuff' ' in :) wonder if it will be able to move when i am done, i am keeping an eye out to NOT put in things i really don't need and have had DeeDee help me with that as she is good doing that even if she does not practice what she preaches :)
So am still aiming on Wednesday to leave.....
Take Care all

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