Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bishop Hill

Have many, many pics of this place, it was really cool. Settled by a colony/cult of people from Sweden, mostly women who felt that this character, Erik Janssen was Christ, he was murdered soon after settling, in an argument in a court house over a woman. It was sort of like the Aurora settlement near Oregon City in that it was a religious order that people followed one man. It is in Land of Lincoln, Illinois, and only about an hour from Davenport
Whooeee, we had a thunder and lightning storm last night, this RV was shaking in the wind and the rain was pelting all surfaces, i kept waking up, but i had stowed everything outside and took the awning down, based on tv reports of what was coming, so there was nothing else to do, but sit or sleep right thru it...
but the bird poop was all washed off of the pick up when morning came :)
Roadkill report: one porcupine!!!! near Woodhull, Il
The top picture is of the church, the top floor was for worship and the bottom had 10 rooms for people to live in. 2nd picture is a bakery where we had lunch, it was great and the people so kind, i had my 'salty bastards' t-shirt on from Kona and some of the other women eating there thought it was great!!!
BOY, this place is filling up tonight!!! one RV after another keeps pulling in.
On the way back today i took freeways that i am going to take when leaving for florida, to make sure it was the right way, I80 bridge over the Mississippi is closed to only 2 lanes and all oversize vehicles, so they are routing traffic over the I74 & 280 bridges. It was like this last year too, the bridge needs work and has some structural problems, so does not give you too much confidence to travel over it :(
Take care all!!!!

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  1. Hi L,
    Not sure if you're Luci or Loree :) Saw your comment on my blog - thanks for leaving it! It's nice to see there's another woman with her dog on the road. I don't see too many blogs from women traveling alone, but they must be out there. Hope we run into each other when I finally "launch."
    Take care,