Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The lumpity-lumpity, that was again out there at 7am... with trucks coming and going getting loads of dirt. I mean, really???? i thought you would all LOVE to see what was waking me up every morning, and i was not exaggerating.
Morning meal!!! Gooseberry jam, yummy, just the right zip to it to wake a person up, had the lumpity-lumpity not already done a very good job of doing that.
I have been here a month! I know that because today i have to pay rent again. and will be leaving just before my month is up again on Oct 18th and will be on the way to Florida!!
Have to find a place to get an oil change done on this beast, get to xm radio fixed, yes i am still fooling around with that. Get the generator working, seems it is important to have that running in case i need it and still have not turned on the hot water. there are just some things that seem to be beyond me or my scope of understanding, maybe i can find one person to do all of these things except for the radio, don't think that guy knows about the working parts of the RV :)
BUT today we are going to get gas for the truck, get Luci's nails done, yes i have to have someone else do them as she screams like i am cutting off her legs if i try to do it myself, what is with that anyway? and Carol and i are meeting to go to a movie, fun-fun
Hope you have fun too!!!

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