Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What to do when you are waiting for the flagger to let you go on? Take a picture of yourself!!!!
Today we went North to the Currituck Lighthouse, that was not run by the Park Service, but by volunteers i believe, It was a nice drive, so now we have been as far north on the Outer Banks that you can go and as far South, but we had to take one ferry ride to get to Ocracoke and that far south destination. I like south best, more funky and less inhabited and commercialized, the north had LOTS of newer homes or rentals and they were ginormous!!!! and then today was by far the hottest day we have been here, We came back to the hotel then went to the beach right near here again and just walked or stood in the warm ocean waters. it was nice.
Now we are packing up and getting ready for the long trip back to Iowa...

Y'all take care
Oh we went to Dairy Queen for dinner, fast in and out and they had no burgers!!!! only fish sandwiches and chicken. and the chicken strips came with gravy!!! and a Blizzard was $5.29!!!!
yes indeedy, we are in the South....................


  1. Prices for things we are used to in the South can be very strange.. we didn't price Blizzards on our trip.. but our first coffee since leaving Utah, was at a Starbucks just outside Shreveport - 2 grande white chocolate vanilla mochas for $12. We were shocked.. we didn't expect cheap, it was Starbucks and not our local stand where we get the same drinks for $6.. but it still was surprising.

  2. I am so glad 4-legged daughter is okay! How frightening! Sounds like you are having a great time. Hi to Carol from me!