Tuesday, September 7, 2010


was still windy all night and all day!!!! i mean, really windy, rock the RV wind. but now it is calm.
BUT i did finally figure out how to get those darn wheel covers on to stay, they kept blowing off! had a visitor, a lady from 2 rv's down after the thunder storm the other night, bringing me one back. i got my handy pink screwdriver and looped the end of the bungee cord around the handle of it and then pushed it behind the tire, between the two back tires, then pulled the cord around and over the knob on the beginning end, i am sure it was such a sight, used my flip flops for under my knees on the gravel and rammed my face into the tire to get my arms around those big tires, not the best angle for the butt, but it worked, i have been thinking about it for DAYS, glad i finally figured it out!!! now they won't blow away
we are leaving on thursday for North Carolina, Kill Devil Hills, the Outer Banks, i am excited!!!

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