Saturday, October 16, 2010


Carol and Guthrie got Luci a going away present. doggie treats and "doggles" !!!! i have to say she was beyond cute! she let me put them on her and she kept them on, just wore them in the car, looking out the window. so cute, she needs glasses don't you know due to the bright sun in Florida!
Tonight from 5-7 people in Geneseo had a Halloween celebration. It was really great! Some of the people in town have ownership of a park by a canal, trees, water, club house, lots of picnic tables and they have events out there all year long, go camping, invitation only. the kids painted pumpkins, had chili, hot dogs, s'mores, story telling sitting on bales of straw. even some fiddling, the music and company was great!!! i know the kids had a great time as Guthrie loved it.
Have a great day tomorrow. I get to hook up the car after going to the store to get some provisions for the trip.

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