Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting ready

Spent all day getting ready to move. Have the appointment tomorrow with the USA Adventure for the oil change and different things i want them to do. So i had to 'dump' and used a hose snaked thru my dining window to 'flush' out good, took a couple times to run clear :) yes this a yet 'nother nasty chore that must be done. going back and forth as there is only me to do things, get the hose, get it fixed so it would not come out when i turn on the water, but did not figure that when i turned it on, the bowl would fill up-fast- but i made it b4 it spilled over, thank heavens and then figured out another way to do it, so that toilet flap is open and the hose hooked in there so it wouldn't fill or pop out. (this is all using my new green hose, not one of my white ones that is for drinking water only) and it is all squeaky clean i am sure!!!! vacuumed and washed the floors, shake rugs, took off the wheel covers, why does this all have to be so hard and take me forever to figure out a good way so that i don't huff and puff alot??? and get all sweaty??? then when i figure it out, i think, why did i not think of that sooner???

people just pulled in for the night with their Cadillac on a trailer pulling behind the RV. i look like a poor relation to some of these people, geez....

am now going to hook up my green hose again and wash off the windshield as it is really bird poopy and dusty. nice having a shade tree, BUT..... and the front of the car, too i just know bird poop will give me a dread disease, so am disinfecting as i did after the dumping, eesh......

had to turn on the ac as it got a little warm this afternoon. need to take in the solar lights and put up the awning too. So i have had a full day, Luci too, as she is distressed if i am not sitting beside her and attending to her, and i was off, up & down all day doing, doing...

Have a good tomorrow, think of me sitting in the trailer place, waiting, waiting, can't wait to get this part done

Take Care and God Bless


  1. Wow! You sure have been busy.

    Travel Safe

  2. Busy busy busy... stop for a few minutes to put your feet up and have a cup of tea. I'm exhausted from reading you. hehe.. Hugs. Tammy

  3. It's a big job for a lady! What a workout - I'm glad you got so many things fixed. You need to stop and pinch the pumpkins - I think about you a lot, out there on your own with Luci. Take care, and God Love You! Love from Barb Miles