Friday, October 29, 2010

Luci and i spent the day at the beach, drove all the way down the gulf drive and ended up almost to Pensacola, so turned around and found a place to stop, took out my stuff and we just walked a bit, and laid out on the sand, read... no one bothered me about Luci being there. it is so achingly beautiful, so blue-blue and white-white and the sand is like course sugar, it sticks to everything, but is OK as it is so pretty! There was a fishing boat nearby when we first got there, but it left, only saw about 6 people in all. some just come to the top of the hill and take pics and leave.
What a way to spend the day! Expect to spend many more just like that!!!
It was in the high 70's, humidity gone.
Have a happy day!!!

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