Thursday, October 21, 2010

Montgomery, Alabama

Well, it was a good run today, nothing happened.. :) It was just long, LOTS of traffic and trucks. Stopped at all the rest stops. this missile was at the 1st one at the welcome center in Alabama, WTH??? could not figure it out, why? then it dawned on me that they have NASA by Huntsville don't they? bet that is why. Alabama surprised me, it is hilly and forested, even saw a log truck! with logs. pine trees. the lady at the Woods Rv place here said they were at the end of the mountains, Appalachian i think, and they are the foothills, i thought it was all flat, little do i know? it does not flatten out until almost to Florida. got up early again as had to hook the car, went well, not even any cursing was done :) maybe i am just getting better, seasoned???!!
I am at a place called 'the Woods' and there are no woods, no trees, it is new and they cut down everything to level and it is a nice level site, but they need to plant some trees now!!!
Tomorrow i am sleeping in as it is only 3 hours to Navarre and i don't want to get there too early, i already told them i was going to be a day late, and now i am not, hope that goes ok for them.
Oh, want to let everyone know that i have found all of the places i stayed at in the Trailer Life RV and Campground Directory, it has been more than helpful and the places i have stayed at have all been really good ones, except did not like the spot put in, in Nashville, but the place was nice enough, but could have the bathrooms/showers a little cleaner......
Road Kill: one skunk, many furred animals that were way past the point of being distinguishable, but they were small and not raccoons, and tah-dah!!!! one armadillo!!! NOW i know i am in the South!!!!
Take Care all and God Bless
Tomorrow the Beach!!!!!

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