Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Spot

Yesterday i went to a flea market, huge one! to my standards, but not much there for me. All these people were eating the same thing, and i could not see what it might be on the menu of the little eatery, so i asked a lady what she had? "Frito Pie!!" so i bought myself a $1 romance a Frito pie/lemonade and sat down to enjoy. It was "Frito's" with canned chili on the top covered with melted Velveeta!!! Yum!!! look it up on the computer- it is a Texas delight, i opted out on the onions, thank heavens, i am sure it played havoc with the cholesterol and gastric intestinal system, but i tried the local cuisine :)

It is 87 today, Luci just wants to stay in the air conditioned RV!! i sat out and read and talked on the phone and she was whining at the door, so let her in and she is happy as a clam! under the davenport, her place of refuge i guess.

I am getting a cold, i come to the most warm, sunny climate i have ever been in this time of year and i get a cold, yuck!!! have to DO something, so guess will attempt the laundry,

Take Care all!!!!


  1. I thought the whole object was NOT to have to do something!!

  2. Hi Loree! Thought I ought to check in. Mailing you something today! I envy you the weather there. It is blustery, rainy, cold! I am dreading winter already! Love you!

  3. those cold virus' just don't care where you live :(. Hope you are feeling better soon.