Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nashville KOA

Well, i am fit to be tied, i bought coaxial cable to hook up my NEW tv that i got to just watch dvd's on but am gettin tired watching tv in the bedroom! and i can't find the remotes to assign or find channels or whatever, am so sick of this tv thing... i have looked everywhere in here, where can they be???
then when i got here, the hookups are so far back that i had to unhook the truck and park it in front of the rv and then the sewer hose would not reach!!! i was NOT happy.
BUT i did sign up for a tour 'discovering Nashville, even get to go inside the Ryman!!! but have to get up at 7am!!! why is there always one thing that upsets the cart? so staying here for two night, and will have to get up early on thursday to get the car hooked up!!!,
I am going to bed, to watch TV!!!
Oh, it's raining here...
Roadkill Report: two deer and countless raccoons, are they slow??
God Bless all


  1. ewww could've lived without the road kill part but the tv thang.... I'm so tired of technology changing every other month. Truly am sick of it. And remotes... don't go there to deep. Yikes. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Never have toured Nahville even though I go thru there on my way to Atlanta a few times a year. Enjoy!

  3. Well, I'm with Tammy on this one. The technology end of things is not getting any easier & I feel some of it is not necessary as well. I think some of the stuff is designed by kids as a cruel joke on us older folks. Oh dear!!