Monday, November 15, 2010

Can you see that surf??? It looked alot different than it has when i have been out before, nothing calm about this! It was roaring, the wind blowing, and that black sky finally over took me. I got soaking wet before i was able to waddle back to the car. Fortunately i left Luci in the car and did not have to carry her back too!!! AND i never found any really good shells either. do you think i ever will? I try and try......
Finally got the computer to where it finally does what i want. Lost all my favorites and am still trying to find the blogs that i like to follow. Called the comp-guy this morning to find out how to get a toolbar i needed in my pictures so that i could move them about the way i want, 'control panel' does alot of things :)
So now we are both settled in the RV all warm and cozy watching Oprah and reading (well Luci is sleeping) so all is well.
Have warm days, Take Care and God Bless All!!!

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