Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, i say "What the Heck?" and was alarmed when i saw this on hwy 87 when coming into town, but the ladies in the office said they had lived here all their lives and never seen a bear!! AND last night on the local news, there were 4 yes that is FOUR bears, 3 cubs and mama in a subdivision north of here!!! In a big old pine tree. All 4 of them up the tree, babies highest, mom on the lowest branch. no one knew what to do with them, just left them alone and eventually they meandered away, but they had a neighborhood meeting to learn all they needed to do to keep their kids and themselves safe, I mean really??? There are big expanses of land undeveloped here, swampy looking and under military control and an Indian reservation, so i guess there would be some wildness, but you just don't expect that in Florida! But there you go.
Have a safe and happy!!! Take Care and God bless


  1. WOW! Bears?!?
    I guess you never know what might be out there!

    Travel Safe

  2. I've heard of two bears in a bush but not four bears in a tree:))