Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful Day!!!

Well, it happened, was 'mining' for shells in up to my knees and fell down! Splat!!! Right on my butt. The fortunate thing is I had just taken off my hoodie and set the camera and keys inside it, up past the waterline. Then i just sat and laughed as the surf came up again and again. Of course in this rather close position saw all kinds of shells.By 'mining' what i mean is that i get into the surf. It moves the shells in and out just where it breaks on shore and moves the shells in and out, but there is always somewhat of a drop off and you have to watch to NOT get too close to this or you are going to go way in, more than expected. Also doubt by ability to claw myself back up that shelf onto more stable and shallow sand, BUT found all manner of shells today, It was most fun. If not a bit numbing. Not saying it was really cold, certainly not so by Oregon Pacific Coast standards!!! But was not the bathwater that I have been used to either. It is 56 out on the wheel well of the RV, where the weather monitor is, but warmer in the sun, surely. Clear blue skies, brought people out of their RV's to talk, discuss and walk the dogs for longer periods of time. But there is no one but me on the beach. And it was SO nice down there! A good day!!


  1. ...dang I wish I was there - I love a good fall : )
    glad you are o.k. and the only thing hurt was your dignity. thank goodness your camera and keys were safe.

  2. Nice shells and you did not lose any of your valuables in the spill. That is a good day.

  3. If that's a picture of the shells you found, then it was worth the fall. :)