Friday, December 24, 2010

Friends for Christmas

Friend/Sister Janmarie got here yesterday, passed out after a 12 hour flight from Portland. Then we got up and went to the beach!!!! Not a real good shell day, BUT it was beautiful down there, warm, shorts and light sweatshirts weather.
Then we had RIBS from East River Smokehouse in Navarre and they were yummy. even have leftovers for later tonight.

Glad to have someone to share the holiday with.


  1. Those white sand beaches sure look inviting! Can't say the same for the ribs, though. I'm not into BBQ. :)

  2. BBQ for Christmas Eve-not a bad idea. Merry Christmas.

  3. You're having a white Christmas on the beach!! How fantastic. Merry Christmas. I'm glad you're not alone.

  4. BBQ and beaches sounds like a great combo to me. Merry Christmas!