Friday, December 31, 2010

I like the analogy of the hour glass from 'Janie & John' Always thought at the end the sands started rushing out but good to know they all go at the same speed, beginning to end.
Have to share Luci's disgusting habit. She chews the crotches out of pants and underwear!!! Yes, she does! and very sneaky about it too!! Now, at home I have had time to bar this behavior and found what works is to just keep things picked up!! One would think that was easy, no? W-e-l-l let me tell you so far I have lost 3 panties and a pair of shorts. Last night she got my fav, heinously expensive, go to outfit, my camo capris....I am still upset and don't think right now she is the cutest thing to walk the earth. Of course she doesn't remember my scathing tone and meanness of last night, I am still mourning my capris!!!! She got them out of the little, tiny bathroom, off the TOP of the pile of dirty clothes. I apparently forgot to close the door or shove them to the back of the pile. THEN she had to lay there, quietly, and chew them while I was blithely watching TV and crocheting. AND when I discovered her dastardly deed I actually considered how I could still wear them! or fix them!!! Right! the crotch is gone!!!
So how do you sustain a mad at someone or something that just does not understand the depth or your despair???
Take Care and God Bless all..... am sure I will survive this setback :)


  1. OMG!! You had me almost peeing my pants...thanks for giving me a good laugh. LOL!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Wow- now that is an interesting habit! Your are right about holding a grudge against an animal that could not possibly understand why. But still GRRR.

    Have a Harpy New Year.

  3. At least now your panities won't get in a bunch! :) Bow WOW!

  4. .....oh that little Luci understands all and always gets the last laugh : ) Since your capris are the camo ones no one should be able to notice since they just blend right in don't they? Be brave and see if this is true!! And please share with Donna that those pants have been peed in from uproarious laughter many times too!

  5. oh no! not the camo capris! those were guthrie's favorites! she will be very disappointed in Luci.