Thursday, December 30, 2010


Somehow I lost a day, honestly thought this was Wednesday. Wonder how many days I have forgotten my meds? :) So tomorrow is Friday and the last day of the year. Another year. How does it happen that they seem to speed up, go away, pass by. Lost forever. Just shows you should do today, now, what you really want to do. The opportunity could be lost in regrets and 'what ifs'.

This picture is so obviously NOT taken recently, but I felt a little like Spring. Have been watching an Australian Series on tape and crocheting, taking Luci for walks. We had humidity and a little rain/fog/clouds, BUT 58 so can't complain or whine about the cold. Think maybe I should not say anything about the weather as that seems to be all I talk about, maybe that is the only thing happening in my life??? Maybe


  1. Kind of looks like lupines to me, or maybe they call them blue bonnets in the Texas Hill country.?

    That's why I have a calendar, so I don't lose track of what day it is. :)

  2. My mother always said that the older you get the faster time moves. I am beginning to think that she was right!

  3. Everyone is talking about the weather these days! It's 28 degrees here at 9:30 pm, so will probably get a little colder. In Spokane, where Jennifer is, they've had so much snow it's ridiculous - yesterday they were supposed to get up to 12" of new snow, in one day, and the temp. is supposed to be 0 there tonight. My friend in Prescott, AZ got a ton of snow today, and even Phoenix, AZ got snow. And, somehow I'm thinking all this snow talk isn't making you at all envious!! Keep posting your awesome beach pics so we can pretend we are there!!!

  4. I watched a PBS special and it likened our perception of time to an hour glass. When it is first turned over it seems like the grains are moving very slowly but towards the end it appears as if the grains are rushing through, even though they are always moving at the same rate. I know I am certainly at the stage where the days are rushing past, you're right about making each day count. Perhaps that should be my New Years resolution. :)