Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where am I??

For whatever reason, some people don't know where I am... I am in Navarre, Florida which is about 30 minutes East of Pensacola on the Florida Panhandle. I am right on the bay which is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a little strip of land or barrier island, only a fourth of a mile across, if that. There is a bridge over to the beach part and about 6 high rise condos and a bunch of houses on stilts, which gives rise to the fear of high water action one would assume :). All of the beach pictures were taken over there, the sunset pics are of the bay on our little beach on the bay just East of said bridge. It is a little back water sort of place, not much going on, but the way I like it.
Blogger would not download any pictures, will try again b4 i close.
Oh, and cameras I use are a Canon S3IS with 12x zoom and a Polaroid t1455 that i just got off of Woot! with 5x zoom it is very small and that is what I wanted, BUT everytime I have it I find that I should have brought the other with 12x, like when I walked along the bay and there were a bunch of pelicans sitting on pilings and could not get really good close-ups as had the Polaroid, so don't know how that is going to work having it, but it is handy in certain instances, like walking on the beach, can just put it in my pocket, which is nice, the other has to be hanging on my neck. So there is the trade-off that I have to recoelf withncile mys. For years had (and still have) a Canon AE1 with 70-200 lens and another wide angle lens and wore that thing around my neck until I am sure that is why I am getting hunch backed :) BUT got great pictures of the family with it, which is why Mom got it for me!!! Lucky me!
AND I can't believe it is December 1st!!! already!!!! I have been here for 6 weeks? unbelievable.
Oh and I did manage to survive the storm yesterday and last night, the rain did finally stop and the wind, and halfway thru the night ran out of propane, the furnace woke me up blowing cold air, brrrr, so had to get up and close the auxiliary tank and turn on the RV propane tank, and get more propane today. I thought I used it rather fast, but it has been over two weeks since I got that tank, looking back on the check book, so did not think that was too bad. Hope not, don't want to be using more than I should, but also want to stay relatively warm and not freeze :)
Also the computer updates seemed to be working as was able to do my banking this morning, had to log back in after each transaction, but that is ok as long as can get it all done in a timely manner and by that I mean on the 1st!!!! Have been doing checks every other day on Spybot and the last couple times it has not come up with any errors, so feel good about that.
So all is well here, hope it is well there too!!
Take Care and God Bless


  1. If you don't know, I'm afraid I don't know either. :)

  2. Ha! When I commented this morning, all that showed up was your title: Where Am I. Now I know. I did wonder where you were, though. :)