Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ocean Springs

For my friend Carol, she has a penchant for pics of towns water towers, so i have a whole folder of them!!! Goodness, look how old that town is, Oregon wasn't even Oregon yet!
My souvenir of Florida and the south, they have pelican motifs everywhere...

And flying pigs, Got one for my hairdresser in Redmond. The story is she told her (ex) husband she was getting a tattoo, he said when pigs flew, so she got one of a cute little pig with wings on her ankle! Good-by husband, hello ex!!! So now she collects flying pigs, Cute, huh??? The armadillo, just cuz. and thought brother Jerry would think it the cats meow :)
Well, today was a bust, saw lots of country, BUT could never find the Sandhill Crane NWR and the beach here has barrier islands, then a bay and i am not a Bay type person, like the beach. suppose had i more time, could find a way to get out to those barrier islands, but on the way on tomorrow....


  1. Love the pelican, armadillo, and flying pig, but REALLY love the pelican best - it will look great in your yard!