Tuesday, January 18, 2011

still getting ready

Well, today had the oil changed in the pick up, it was time, tires checked all part of the oil service i guess, but that was good as could not figure out how to do that! gas stations just don't have that service any longer. Got a hair cut at Super Cuts, $14.95, wow, it will do. Those ladies at the spa never called me back from message i left last week on the weird recorder thing that only played music.... and i needed to have it done now. Maybe they went completely out of business, never see a car there when i go by on the way to the beach. I liked them too and the Spa atmosphere.
Then to Camping World again, i know, i know not a good place for me, but could not find the tiny lightbulbs needed for the reading lights and keep having to steal from one place or another to keep the one working in the bedroom! AND saw a cool chair- one of those lounger things, and i think i need one of those, so it came home with me :) And while there decided to ask about the water heater, got an appointment for tomorrow, so that hurries up my getting things stowed!!
Got the jacks up after much squealing!!!, unhooked the propane. Advised the office that i was leaving to get work done on the RV but would return and could i please have help again in backing up??? They were more than happy to do that. Will also fill with propane.
So am now running water through the system to cleanse, then get in there and unhook the sewer and another chance to get a dread disease, eeewwww.....
Wish me well
Take care and God Bless all...


  1. A dread disease? Ha Ha! I figure all that sh%^# came from me, so why would it harm me? :)

  2. I wish you well. You sound ready!! A pat for Luci.