Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Swamp!

Always have to have an "art" picture, this is of the sludge...

box turtle above................ Blue Heron---------->

Nutria, the guide called it a big rat and apparently they aren't good for anything except eating and procreating. An experiment gone horribly wrong. You can get $6 for each tail you take in!

Spanish moss...which has bugs and chiggers in it, so did not touch it!!

trees and shadow on the water, it was pretty nice out, blue sky, little chill in the air but too cold for the alligators to be out, so, of course we never saw one. Saw some beautiful egrets, but could not get a picture of them in flight, then they hid behind the trees :( there were some big hawk-like birds, the guide called them black eagles, but think he was making it up, he said if he did not know something he would make it up :)

This is Indian Village, people live along the river, Pearl river it was, and the only transportation they have is by water, no roads run into there. The water surge of Katrina flooded most of these houses past the roofs. There were houseboats along the river, but they broke loose, then broke apart.You could see the debris all about, People were supposed to come back and clear it all away along with the docks that were mostly destroyed, but many have not done so. The county decided to NOT let houseboats on the river any longer due to the problem they caused in the last storm, to alleviate it happening again.

I think this would be a great place to visit in the spring, when things are green and they have wild iris that blooms and then the gators are awake!!!!
But it was great saw and learned alot and we had fun!

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