Saturday, January 29, 2011


Got a Po Boy and fries at a gas station. As i was driving by noticed some guys sitting outside at a picnic table, eating, so figured they had food in there. Turned around. They had a window in the back and one lady in there, cooking her little heart out, It is just as good as it looks too, shrimp, yummy. Could not even eat half of it, so it is sitting in the RV waiting for dinner. am sure it will still be good. I had to leave and come to the office and sit outside to get internet service!! Irritating, this is the 1st time have had probs with it tho, where i just could not get on it at all, and this is working, even tho Luci is rather concerned with all the 'traffic' going by to the rest room and the laundry :)
Sort of what the delta looks like, but much bigger and grander. Fairly teeming with birds!!! One would think i could get a decent picture, huh?
Ships on the river
Don't they look funny just sticking out above the land?

Drove down to Venice today, yessiree, i did. The manager said, well, it is just country, nothing exciting. But that is what i like, where 'normal' people live! There were cows and orange groves, sadly there were levees, so a person could not see the Mississippi River. But i did drive up on one of the levees, don't know if we are to be up there or not, but nothing said NOT to. Was a little hairy getting back down, but made it ok. Lots of birds. Let me had it to Judy and those people who take bird pics, i can't!!! i would stop and off they would fly, even tried sneaking up on them, same thing, did get some pics, but nothing to write home about.. HA!! This picture would be good if i could have gotten the whole body, i think right after this it swooped off!
So that was my day, and a good one it was too. Saw LOTS of fishing boats, and parked pickup, this must be a fishing capital of the world, and oil refineries and holding tanks, piles of coal. But not too many amenities really. Lots of blown out houses and tons of mobile homes, guess those are alot easier to replace.
Sunny, a little clouds, warm, probably in the 70's and down in Venice some of the trees were even budding out!!!
Take Care All!!!!


  1. budding trees-seems so far away!

  2. Patience and luck is the name of the game for bird pics. :)