Monday, January 17, 2011


If the moons align properly and there are no RV's in a couple spots, i can sit on my couch and actually have a view of the bay!!! It is a nice feature, but not always there, so to be appreciated when it is.
Have started packing things away. Have a WHOLE bucket plus two grocery bags FULL of shells!! I did find a place to stash them too! I bent over to pick up each and every one, so am keeping them ALL. Will find something really crafty to do with them. Or just put them in different galvanized buckets around different places in the house, so i can fondle them wherever i am at the time and remember my days in Florida in the middle of the Winter. Well guess i better go and start the coach, let it run for awhile, check the oil, that sort of thing. Like i even know what i am doing :)
Take care and God Bless all..................
Also welcome to Kathy & Robert of "Seashells and Overalls" for following along!


  1. Anneke always loves it when we get an unobstructed view. Last night a huge Prevost blocked much of it. Such is life.

  2. Loree, I have one of those great big glass vases I got from Michaels and most of my Florida shells are in there. Not exactly sure where I might put these in the MoHo, however. I always laugh and say I can't be a fulltimer because I would have no place to store my rocks (and shells). Kinda like "The Long, Long, Trailer". My employer moved me a couple of times and once the rocks weighed something like 1800 pounds.

  3. Because I don't know much about mechanics, I'm presently 'camped out' at a repair facility in Louisiana. :)

    I'm jealous of your collection of the shells. What a great way to spend a morning, or two, or three...