Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Had to get up at 7am, those of you who know me, know what this means to me, urrgghh
To be to Camping World at about 9am. and i spent ALL day there! getting back about 3p. Did get the water heater fixed, it is cooking away. (Luci is getting a bath, shhh, she does not know yet) Was the single sensor electrode & fully potted circuit board with fuse link, yeah, me too, What??? but now it works and i have the old part, that looks....old...and cracked... not unlike me!
The hose to the auxiliary propane tank, is to be taken off, not left hanging, as it is always open unless attached to the tank. It has a little closure/nut thing that fastens it off. That was the propane smell. AND i only needed 3 gal of propane for the big tank of the coach, so having the auxiliary tank worked really well.
And ALL the tires were low, so a good thing i took it in, they fixed those, put in air, whatever....
Came home and washed windows and the awning, where it looked like on the underside it was moldy, ooo, ick, that came off, thank goodness. So am hooked back up and feel much more confident to be rolling along and safer, if not much lighter in the wallet.
Take Care and God Bless all!!


  1. sounds like you got some important stuff done. Checking the tires regularly is very important. I check mine before every trip.

  2. up just when I was getting home! Glad you were able to get all that done - sorry I couldn't be there so you didn't have to wait by yourself all day!

  3. Did you enjoy the resulting shower of cleaning the awning? Hope it was warm out. :)