Monday, January 24, 2011

When i was in Mississippi went to 'the shed' to eat as everyone said that was the place to go!! It does not look like much on the outside, for sure, the food was good, BUT just want to say that East River Smokehouse in Navarre still is at the top of the BBQ heap!!! Theirs was SO darn good. I had brisket at 'the shed' and it was good. think that is the thing to order from now on, don't really care for the pork and the bones/ribs, altho REALLY good are soo very messy, the brisket is the best of both worlds. It was melt in your mouth tender and i have enough for tonight too!

This is what the bay looked like. The park was very nice, if not a little winter worn, lots of limbs/sticks and leaves on the ground.
This guy who started 'the shed' and i think if i read it right the one here in Ocean Springs was the first one, just got things together from different junk piles and hammered together a building. One would wonder at building codes, maybe they are more lax?? You just go up to a bar inside and order, find your own seat and they run it out to you, there was stuff hanging all over the place, old-old stuff, and big tables and bars to sit at. I went Sunday nite so it was not quite as crowded as it was fri/sat. There were cars parked all over the place those two nights. It was interesting and worth going to eat and see for sure!
Take Care all
I am reading brochures of things to do in NOLA. am staying here for a week as it was only $13 for the extra two nights over the 5 had originally planned. And am sure i can find things to do!!!
Welcome to follower, Teri!

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