Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here is 'little' Luci. The bad dog, bad dog, but isn't she cute tho??

Yesterday, It poured most all the day. I was all warm and cozy in the RV. Short excursions out with the umbrella so Luci could 'do her thang' Which she accomplished in record time. Found no leaks in the RV, which one would have found for sure in the pour.

Then today it dawned clear and nice, somewhere around 60 degrees, somewhat windy, but the beach was great! Walked for a couple hours and found all kinds of treasures, but the surf was a little bit too heavy to wade in and mine for shells at the breaking edge. Got wet again and found a couple shells in the water, but it was too swift or I too slow and the Ocean would take them all back in before could get a good grab on anything. BUT- still found a bunch and one Junonia, which was really a good find! But that was when got splashed to the waist :)
Hope the sunshine stays for awhile............

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  1. Splashed to the waist? You are certainly an ardent shell seeker! :)