Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joshua Tree NP

What can a person say about this place? It is take your breathe away beautiful, i hope my pictures show/tell even a portion of that. I went in the West entrance from Joshua Tree, the town next to Yucca Valley and there were trees in the towns leading up to the Park, but nothing compares with seeing them in the Park surrounded by all of those huge boulders just tumbled all over the place. The Joshua Trees are all over the floor of the valley and up the sides of the hills. Stopped in a camp ground for a close up look of those boulders and they are like huge grains of sand that are compressed into the boulder sized rocks. They are ginormous!!!! This campground , the sites were scattered about within the boulders. It was really stunning to see. The road just went on and on, thru different ecosystems and types of desert.
The plant above is a cholla and there were much smaller ones here and there, but in this place called the Cholla Gardens, they were abundant and the light was just right coming thru them, it was truly beautiful.
Joshua Trees

And the light!!! It was the perfect day to be there, with the clouds to give pictures some interest and the light shinning through the clouds and the cloud shadows on the hills.
Coming back into the valley where Desert Hot Springs is there was rain in the mountains and you could see the different layers of light on the different mountains and rain coming down over there. When we woke this morning there was snow on them thar hills! Everything was bright and new. It was a wonderful day for a drive.
When i got down to lower elevation there was even a couple of wildflowers blooming!
Take Care and God Bless
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  1. We picked out Guthrie's name while we camped at Joshua Tree. About 3 years before she was born! It's so beautiful there!

  2. Loved the photo with the clouds and light. We didn't get to this park, you sure make me wish we had. Maybe next time.