Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is a nice park! It is really, really BIG tho. We have a double lot, lots of room, but their hookups are on the back of the lot and need to be in the middle, had to unhook the car in order to get the RV back far enough for the electric to get to it. which is a pisser, but oh, well, good practice for me, right? I really think have had plenty of practice on this trip... thank you anyway. At least it does not take that long now. There are palm trees all over the place as u can see in the pictures. Healthy cactus too, some of the ones at the Benson park had seen their better days, or the frost may have gotten to them.

It was a nice drive here, only took me about 3 1/2 hours, with stop for gas, which i managed quite well, and a rest stop. I felt that traffic was heavy tho. Tucson wasn't bad then a bit of open land, then you started getting into Phoenix, which goes on for some time. Lots of malls and houses.
Also want to say something about the overpasses, There have been some really great ones. One was on the way to Tucson and Tucson itself had quite a few art ones, mosaics and pictures on the cement, Phoenix was more understated, Texas had the star on them here and there. They made them look appealing and artsy, not just cement. It was neat to see. But of course hardly any pics, as you are zooming along between traffic.
It is 76 right now and the wind is picking up.
Hope tomorrow goes as well.
Smile, Spring is coming!!!

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