Thursday, March 17, 2011

da Bloomin' Desert

Here's a picture of me on Dillon Rd, went back there to pick up some rocks! and to ride on those whoop de do's, drove 60 so i could get a better effect, it was fun, they have tours and take people out there to see the desert i guess and experience the little hills, saw two of them today and they were filled up, racing along.
Got some good rocks!! Can u notice how tan i am getting after a month in the desert, mostly just walking Luci about the park, only have gone swimming a couple of times, then laying out in my chair toward the end of the day.
Also note the cholla in the background...

This was a huge, tall cactus, tall as i am, so could not get a pic of looking down into it, but thought the light through was great!~
These are prickly pears aren't they? Camera did good on these.

There were all kinds of little flowers, just took my instant Polaroid and did not get very good close ups of these different kinds, but u can see the variety in this picture. And they just went on and on.
It was a weird day today, could hardly see the mountains, for the light clouds or it looked sort of like fog hanging up there, hard to imagine that was it tho. wind came up again. Going to have to get up early tomorrow and get hooked up then try to beat the wind thru Banning Pass. Have to fill up the gas tank too. Hope i don't go into shock :)
On the road again tomorrow.
Take Care all


  1. What beautiful flowers. Better sit down while you're filling that tank haha! Hope you beat the wind.

  2. Any idea how many pounds of rocks you have now?

  3. Beautiful pictures. Have a safe trip. Gas here in the east is about $3.41 a gallon today. Diesl more of course. With a 75 gallon tank a fill up is more than a shock.