Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easy Move

Left Desert Hot Springs about 8:30a and got to Tehachapi at 1p. Only issue was when Luci got into her bed on the floor of passenger side she disconnected my GPS!!! So had to stop and reconnect. Traffic was not too bad and weather was great, no wind! So we just sailed onward. Even made up the HILL to the friends house with no problem. Anyone who has not been here would not believe it but it climbs like 2000 feet in a very short distance really with hairpin curves and narrow road, But just put RV in D2 and took it really, really slow.
AND guess, it snowed here last night, have a gentle skiff on everything, at least they are not higher up, saw some cars that had quite a bit of snow on them! But it is melting off and all will be well, just another story of the bad weather following me everywhere i go!!!
Take Care all


  1. We have friends in Tehachapi as well, Loree, but decided to NOT go that way since there is more snow predicted tomorrow on HWY 58 coming from Bakersfield. Hope you are settled in and hunkered down for a couple of days! Sunday evening has some bad stuff coming at you. take care.

  2. Mo just asked me about your rig, and as a result, I traveled back in time with you all the way to last summer before you left for the Midwest. I didn't find your blog until you were posting about Florida beaches. It's fun looking back at a bit more of your history, Loree.

  3. Keep on moving ahead of that bad weather, Loree. Glad you were able to make the drive without worrying about wind (or snow)!

  4. We had hail here today, enough so that it was still showing in parts of the yard several hours later. UGH! Aren't you just ready for some nice weather.