Thursday, March 31, 2011


Grass Lake, just after Weed, Ca. 1st time i have ever seen water in the lake!!
Well!!! Could not figure out how to access my wifi when i got home, could not for the life of me remember any codes or even which one was mine! So, had to call my comp tech person, she had to come to the house. Guess what? We just had to turn over the wifi thingy and taped to the bottom of it were the name of the system and the code!!! Can u believe that? So easy peasy, but it was completely gone from my tiny little brain, which appears to be shrinking daily if not by the minute! We had a nice chat and that was that! So was able to post the pics of the tire blowout. Because, what is a camera for if not to record all the horrid things that happen?
In Judy's blog yesterday she posed some interesting questions, that i have really be thinking about. Also that it is so very much cheaper to have a photography hobby than it used to be, what with digital. I would never have been able to afford all the film processing of the amount of pictures i take now, compared to before digital. And u can take pictures numerous times from different angles to get just the right one too, and know what u have right away, rather than wait for the film to come back to see what an awful job u did :)
Will the cost of gas keep me from Rv'ing? Yes it definitely will. Was really feeling the pinch on the way home and when i hit California. But maybe next Winter, just go to the Southwest. There are alot of things to do and see there.
Being single do u get lonely? I did! and i think that is more with me, something i need to work on. Need to assert myself more into activities going on at the RV parks i was at. The one in Florida was smaller and it was easier, everyone, especially the people working there knew i was alone and made a point of being sure i was included and knew what was going on. The one in Desert Hot Springs was very large and a person could get lost and overlooked very easily. I have always had a problem pushing myself into a group. I missed family too....
Today have the Rv getting an oil change, and those pesky dash lights fixed! Going to my stamping club meeting at 10a.
Take Care all


  1. Found your blog today from Rick and Paulette's. Anybody who has a doxie has got to be a special person. Your Luci is just a cutie. We have two - Scooter and Skittlez and I can't imagine life without them. We finally backed up my computer yesterday and I had over 10,000 pictures on it. Definitely could not afford this without digital.

    Also - there are a lot of single RV groups out there that are really wonderful. We know a lot of single RVers - both male and female and they always talk about how much fun they have. A lot of them get together in the southwest during the winter. Let me know if you want more info.

  2. I think I'd have the same issue in a big park. That's one of the reasons I volunteer. Smaller more intimate group. :)

  3. amazing how quickly life gets back to the 'norm' - stamping club at 10a!! Would definitely be on my high priority list!!

  4. It sounds like you are settling in right away, especially now that you have your wifi working!