Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This was pretty scary thing to do! It was a beautiful day tho and you could see forever once you got up to the top. It did not take long, only about 15 minutes. They have fairly new trams, put in about 80 people and the floor rotates!!! and there is NOTHING to hang on to. as the wall is stationary and the floor goes around. You get to see coming and going about two times, so you get to lots, but you are constantly fighting for footing. THEN you come to the towers and the tram sort of goes up and then down on the cables. There is a swooping feeling in the stomach when this happens. There were mostly adults on it and there would be a reaction of whoa when that happened. It was snowy at top, but very refreshing. Pine trees and HUGE cones on the trees. It was neat to see. There are a couple of decks front and back that you can walk out on and see the valley below and more mountains views in the back. One would imagine that in the summer time it is really nice up there and they have 54 miles of trails throughout the San Jacinto Mtns.
Saw no wild life.

Waaaay, down there is the terminal!
There are lots of windmills in the valley at that mountain pass along I-10 after passing Palm Springs, the wind just whips through there when there is wind.
Met some really nice people from Alberta, 3 1/2 hours northwest of Edmonton. They were down for a couple weeks of warmth.
Drove through downtown Palm Springs afterward, what a cute little town, lots of little stores and restaurants. Just imagine the Rat Pack rumbling through town for a week end! That must have been a time!
Got back at 4p. Luci was crazy with excitement, as she had spent the day in the RV.
Take Care all!!!


  1. I think Rick and Paulette are staying at the same park as you. Do you follow their blog?

  2. That sure looks scary!!!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  3. Ok, I don't know where my comments are going?! Sounds like you need a GPS!