Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Sunset

On the street where i live!!!
Could not get all of the RV next door out of the frame and still get all of those windmills. I swear the colors are so vivid!! You could paint a picture and whatever color u use would eventually come up in nature....somewhere, sometime....
7pm and still light outside, i DO like that part of daylight savings.. but do NOT like getting up at 10:30a the day after it starts and still feel like i have not slept enough.
Feel like i am just treading water, waiting for this week to pass, time to run out so i can be on my way. Back in Feb paid for a month expecting someone to come meet me and ride back, and now that is not happening, BUT i still have to stay here or lose money as the park gives no refunds as everyone could have a good excuse for leaving early, so they say (overheard this, have been at enough parks now, i know they are mostly all the same on this issue)
Wanted so badly to go home on 395, where Al & Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch are now, but what with the extra expenditure of the alternator and prices of gas, am just going to high- tail it up I-5 then hwy 97 at Weed, after my stay in Tehachapi is finished, to my brother's field in Madras. Hope to get to go a couple of long weekends here and there throughout the summer to keep my hand in it, so to speak and recoup finances somewhat. See what next winter brings....
Want to try to refurbish the outside paint with something, i did that once to a car where the paint got all oxidized, but this is fiberglass. Anyone out there know a good product? Figure i could spend a week in the field in Madras and wax on, wax off :)
Take Care all, God Bless


  1. Something tells me you will be passing by Klamath Falls just about the time we are heading south to California! Maybe next time...

  2. I like those palm trees, windmills, and sunset pictures!

  3. We were out walking tonight and saw that beautiful sunset but I didn't have my camera with me. So, thanks for taking the sunset picture as I was able to enjoy it again.

  4. Love all those windmills, great shot.

  5. I have loved following you on this great adventure and seeing all the great pictures. Having said that, if you want to go home, go; to heck with the money.

  6. I agree with Patty G. Just do what you want to do when you want to do it. This RV lifestyle gives us the freedom to do that. Safe travels & maybe our paths will cross next year. Same time, same place right here somewhere in the great American Southwest:))