Monday, April 25, 2011

OH, NO!!!

Just 'washed' my phone! It was in my pants pocket. That was easy to do, don't know why i haven't done it b4. If i had gotten up and made the phone call i was 'supposed' to do, this would not have happened. So mad at myself. Have been carrying insurance for years, tho, so will see what Sprint will do for me now :) Wonder if i have LOST all my phone numbers!!! As i don't have alot of them anywhere else. Well, this will be one of those life learning experiences............


  1. I haven't managed to do that yet, but it's only a matter of time...

  2. Not good!! Sure hope they can recover your info for you.

  3. Stick it in rice. That's supposed to help dry it out and save as much info as possible. I've heard from others it really does work.

    We did wash Jim's phone and lost everything that time. Such fun. Good luck.