Tuesday, May 3, 2011

clean house

Goodness, i had to take the phone to my room yesterday in the early afternoon as the room mate was watching something in TV and i needed to hear really well and the sun was shining!!! In my room and as i was talking on the phone the sun was coming in the window, normally i am in there only at night, and it was picking out all kinds of DUST. My room had not been cleaned in the 7 mos i was gone! Dust was everywhere!!! Could no longer live with it, then as long as i was dusting, well, it just followed that the floor needed to be done too! which lead to the hallway and the rest of the open living space. Move rugs, books, magazines, flotsam from all over, windows needed cleaning, furniture moved to vacuum under and around. Made the dogs go outside, as they were trying to avoid me, but were interested in what was going on, they were mighty sad to be out there all alone, only with each other, the crying and whining went on and on..... So i had a very productive afternoon and feel as if i have accomplished something!!! And things SMELL good, my feet no longer meet up with little pieces of dirt, I am happy. I know this sounds like we are just horrid messy pigs, and maybe we are. But i never seem to get the URGE to REALLY clean- all the time, it overcomes me only on rare occasions, Most of the time i can fight off the feeling :)
Now i am all tired and muscles are stretched.
Oh, and something came and ate all of the pretty little yellow pansies i had just set out :(
Take Care and God Bless all...


  1. I'm with you. I can definitely fight off the urge to clean until I just can't stand it anymore. So sad about your pansies but somebody out there is feeling very happy about the meal you provided.

  2. So who's the mysterious roommate?

    I had the same problem with my tomato plants one year. Rabbits kept eating them out of my pots. I finally gave up. :(

  3. You know, there is something so therapeutic about a good house clean job! It's just the right medicine sometimes. I have you under my "blogs I follow" list now on A Camp Host's Meanderings. Took me a while to update.